Training and Instruction

Thunder Valley Precision offers professional and personalized shooting lessons and instruction.

We design the curriculum based on the shooters needs and wants with our skill and knowledge built-in creating a very unique training opportunity for the customer.

The course covers proper scope installation and precision zeroing techniques.

We then establish the exact velocity of your cartridge then create a precision drop chart from 100 yards to 1200 yards or the maximum distance that your rifle is capable of shooting accurately.

Once this data is established we then proceed to our combination steel course consisting of multiple steel targets from 100 yards to 1165 yards. The student will have the opportunity to engage multiple targets in different scenarios such as behind trees and rocks, uphill downhill, across valleys and in ever-changing wind conditions and directions. The course design ensures the student will experience just about every possible wind direction and wind velocity to better prepare him for the real world experience of long-range precision shooting.

TVP offers 1 to 3 day training classes usually held Tuesdays through Thursdays by appointment only. We also offer additional training days such as Monday and Friday and some weekends when our schedule allows it.

TVP’s senior precision shooting instructor is Tom Sarver (pictured here) with his very diverse background and 20+ years as a long range precision shooter ensures you will get the most out of your training package. Our no-nonsense straight to the point instruction will have you the student engaging and hitting targets at distances you never dreamed possible the first day of instruction.

Please e-mail or call us today to schedule your appointment, and begin your journey to becoming a true long-range precision shooter.

It matters not what road we take, but what we become on the journey,”

F O L L O W   T V P