TVP offers precision optics such as Night Force, Schmidt and Bender and US optics.

We offer custom and professional installation of all optics free with purchase.

TVP will help direct you to ensure you make the right choice in choosing the perfect optic for your application. With so many high-quality optics to choose from and reticule designs it’s important for the customer to know all the pros and cons of each choice.

Thunder Valley precision takes great pride in knowing that we help our customers every step of the way in making the right decisions the first time. There is no worse feeling than knowing once you have purchased an item and seen how something of higher-quality or better performance compares to what you currently have.

It’s inevitable that the customer will spend hard-earned money to accomplish his precision shooting expectations. We just help them do it right the first time. We feel the end result of our professional and straight to the point consultation will ensure the customer will be 100% happy with this purchase.

Buyer’s remorse is normally felt when you buy a new car or truck or maybe even a new home but never ever with your precision rifle. We are shooters just like you and we understand the importance of getting it right the first time.

We offer quality optics for any budget.

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