TVP Custom Rifles

TVP designs and builds precision bolt action rifles for specific applications.

Whether you’re a novice or everyday seasoned shooter we can design a shooting system that’s custom tailored for your needs.

We design and build long-range target rifles for the shooter who wishes to engage targets from 100 yards to 1000 yards with pinpoint precision.

If 1000 yards is no longer enough to satisfy your needs then we can design and build a shooting system that will cover all your bases from 100 yards to 2000 yards plus with precision accuracy.



We specialize in precision tactical rifles that are capable of quarter minute of angle accuracy designed for the needs of the professional law enforcement sniper. Not only are these weapons capable of repeated pinpoint accuracy they very rugged and reliable. We use one-piece bolts and milled in bases whenever possible to ensure the weapon is as tough as it is accurate. These types of shooting systems are typically more expensive but they ensure the operator can complete his mission if that unexpected or unforeseen event ever occurs. Such as when scaling walls or climbing obstacles the rifle can be bumped or dropped causing serious damage to a lesser quality product and your mission at that point has become a failure. In this day and age there isn’t one law enforcement sniper that doesn’t deserve the absolute best mission specific weapon available. Even more importantly the people he is sworn to protect. TVP strives to improve law enforcement sniper rifles every chance we get.

Thunder Valley precision offers professional consultation and weapons inspections to ensure your department or agency is at the top of their game. We will come to you or your department can schedule a day with us here at the range. TVP offers a variety of demo rifles and mission specific weapons.


TVP offers state-of-the-art long-range precision weapons capable of quarter minute of angle accuracy out to 2000 yards. These weapons are specifically designed and built for rugged and harsh conditions and ensure the shooter that is wielding it a higher percentage of that one shot hit. These weapons are typically designed and built on the Surgeon XL single shot receivers. We believe the Surgeon XL is the most rugged and rigid action available to ensure pinpoint precision accuracy at extreme ranges. The single shot receiver is the most important option available to ensure pinpoint precision accuracy.

TVP offers several proven long-range cartridges such as the .260 Remington, .300 WSM, 300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Mag. and various forms of the extreme .408 case family.


TVP offers its customers the unique opportunity to own an accuracy legend. The most accurate .30 caliber cartridge in the world the .300 Hulk has proven itself time and time again. It captured two world records at 1000 yards and was a dominant force in the thousand yard bench rest community. After several years of research and development as well as test and evaluation the .300 Hulk had proven its ability to shoot sub quarter minute of angle accuracy from 100 yards to 1 mile making it the most suitable pinpoint precision weapon available for the art and science of counter sniping. This was the original intent and purpose for the design of the cartridge. The .300 Hulk also holds TVP’s range record for the “INTIMIDATOR” known as one of the most challenging and technical steel courses of its kind. Consisting of 16 targets from 278 yards to 1168 yards it will humble the absolute best long-range marksman’s on the planet. Out of the hundreds of different rifle configurations and cartridges the .300 Hulk holds the highest score shot to date. We offer the .300 Hulk in three configurations to suit the customer’s needs. Single shot, repeater and gas operated.

The .300 Hulk can propel a wide range of bullets at extreme speeds and extreme precision accuracy. With choices from 155 grain bullets to 240 grain bullets it can obtain speeds from 3000 fps to 4000 fps.

Whether you’re looking for a long-range target rifle for weekend pleasure shooting or an extremely accurate and powerful flat shooting hunting rifle the .300 Hulk will cover all the bases from 100 yards to 2000 yards. Experience a legend, schedule your appointment to test fire the .300 Hulk today.

Call or e-mail us today for a free and professional consultation on making the right choices for your next precision rifle build.

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