Complete Shooting Systems

TVP offers complete shooting systems for hunting, LE tactical and sniping operations as well as long-range target rifles for the avid precision shooter.

We design and build the perfect tool, an extension of your body to help you become one with your rifle to achieve the perfect the art and science of long range precision shooting.

The complete shooting includes a precision rifle capable of quarter minute of angle accuracy topped off with the precision optics of your choice to ensure your bullet strikes were you intended to.

TVP exclusively uses Atlas bi- pods and accessories which give you and your rifle the handling performance necessary to shoot in the many types of terrain that you will encounter.

TVP also offers state-of-the-art suppressors which can be included in the weapon system.

Please call us today for a free and professional consultation on your next precision rifle build and/or weapons system.
TVP offers rental and demo rifles by appointment only.

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