Thunder Valley Precision is the premier firearms training and competition facility in the Midwest. Situated on over 200 acres of rolling hills in beautiful Southeastern Ohio, TVP boasts a pavilion covering 20 concrete shooting platforms with steel targets from 100 yards to over a mile. We also feature at least a dozen other shooting positions around the property where acquisition and engagement of targets ranging from a less than 200 to well over 1000 yards will challenge you. Multiple courses of fire are available for training, competition, and skill building for enthusiasts as well as military/LE personnel.

Weekly competitions take place throughout the season at the club level in addition to sanctioned Benchrest, PRS series, and Sniper tournaments.

Training classes with diverse content including Precision Reloading, Rifle Tuning, Data Acquisition, and Long-Range Rifle Skills are offered year-round.

Owner-Operator Tom Sarver (world record-holder in IBS 1000 yard light rifle) is also a world-class gunsmith, offering custom state of the art shooting systems equipped with the latest optics and accessories.